Enrollment for the 2018-19 School Year

Enrollment of students to classes in our charter program (K-8) is based on the priorities that State law requires with an annual Open Enrollment lottery. As a result of the extraordinary education we provide, we currently have waiting lists for many of our classes. 

Spaces available for the following year begin to be awarded in the following priority order:

• Siblings of currently enrolled students
• Children of school employees
• Open enrollment applicants in the order of their lottery number.

How to Enroll

Review Important Information

Submit Enrollment Paperwork

  • Create an account in the Online Enrollment System

  • Complete the online enrollment forms or request paper copies. Please call the front desk at 928-779-9880 if you need support in filling out the forms.

  • Administration will contact parents or guardians as soon as the enrollment forms are complete. Please feel free to call at anytime for questions or support.