Dave Eckert
6th Grade

David Eckert grew up in California and Minnesota.  He and his wife moved to Alaska, soon after getting married.  As a new parent, he was introduced to Waldorf education through the book “You Are Your Child’s First Teacher,” written by a Waldorf educator.  David and his wife Gayle began home-schooling their two children using Waldorf curriculum and teaching methods.  David and three colleagues began a private secondary school in Anchorage known as Atheneum.  It was based on a Socratic dialogue approach to education.

Dave Eckert.JPG

David and his family moved to Flagstaff in 2005, in large part for their two children to attend Pine Forest School.  In 2006, David joined the Pine Forest faculty as the new first grade teacher.   He has taken classes 6th through 8th grade at Pine Forest three times. 

David enjoys biking, dogsledding, camping, hiking, kayaking, gardening, and any other pathway to being in the world of nature.  He is passionate about learning and providing opportunities for students to have direct experiences through environmental education, citizen science, cross-cultural experience, service learning and other engagement with the community.