Faculty & Staff

"It is the supreme art of the Teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

-Albert Einstein-

Our Faculty and Staff are a highly-qualified group of individuals with diverse backgrounds. The sense of community bond between members of the Faculty and Staff is very strong. A deep sense of understanding evolves from careful consideration for one another and the desire to provide a valuable education for our students. Several members of the Faculty and Staff have been a part of Pine Forest School since the birth of our organization in 1994. Our dedicated individuals are motivated and passionate. Click each name to view a detailed biography! Parents, visit the Main Office to view the résumés of current Faculty and Staff.

Corey Allen, Director of Operations

Kelly Smith, Director of Curriculmn 

Missy Page, Office Manager

Office & Administration


Monica Akens

Barbara Ball

Suzannah Libby

Kindergarten Teachers


Grades Teachers