Kate Bentley, Grades Teacher

Ms. Kate Bentley first became acquainted with Waldorf education in Ashland, Oregon as a young adult. Many years later, she obtained a Master of Science in Waldorf teaching (July 2009), prior to which she worked with children and adults teaching martial arts for 10 years. When her oldest daughter entered kindergarten in 1999, Ms. Bentley discovered the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill where she fell in love with Waldorf education.

Ms. Bentley has spent time teaching various subjects in grades 1-8 between her work at Emerson and the Pasadena Waldorf School in California. Ms. Bentley moved to Flagstaff in 2011 for the climate, snow sports, rock climbing and of course because there is a Public Waldorf Charter School.

Later, in June of 2013 Ms. Bentley received a Master of Education in Teaching with a certification from Northern Arizona University.  Ms. Bentley enjoys spending time with family, playing card games, hiking up mountains and down canyons, snowboarding, math and science topics, research (her B.A. was in Psychology), and inner development. Her favorite part of teaching is when the spark of insight surrounds the student and their faces beam with enlightenment.