Katherine Mareck, Kindergarten

Ms. Kate came to Flagstaff in 1998 so that her three children could attend Pine Forest School. Before that, Kate and her family were living in the alpine mountains outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, where she home-schooled using Waldorf methods. In 1990 she joined an anthroposophical study group in Las Vegas. After two years of study, the group founded theBlue Skies Waldorf Kindergarten (for children ages 3-6) in Boulder City, Nevada. The group initiated a distance-learning Waldorf Teacher training, working with Uta Taylor-Weaver, Nancy Jewel-Poer, and other senior teachers of Highland Hall Waldorf School in Los Angeles, California. Kate was a student in the teacher training and an assistant in the kindergarten for six years, until moving to Flagstaff.

Kate started a Waldorf preschool in her home, from 2001 to 2003, here in Flagstaff.  In 2003 she began working at Pine Forest as Georgia Taylor’s assistant in thekindergarten and as the Kindergarten Care Director. In 2006 she established the preschool at Pine Forest, leading that class until 2012. When Mrs. Taylor retired from Pine Forest, Kate became a lead teacher in the Kindergarten, in 2015.

Kate has a BA in Elementary Education from Prescott College, with a minor in the Humanities and Waldorf Education. She is certified in Structured English Immersion.

Along with a deep, abiding appreciation for the benefits of Waldorf for children, Kate has 35 years of experience in healing with whole foods and non-allopathic treatments. She sings in the musical trio Isosceles, andis delving into the art of Bonsai.