Our Philosophy

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”

-Rudolf Steiner (Founder of Waldorf Education)-


Pine Forest School provides an education of the whole child and is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their intellectual, emotional, and physical environment which reinforces integrity, understanding, respect, and trust.

Guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education, we prepare our children to walk into the furture with confidence and the necesary tools to create a better world.

Guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education, children are prepared to lean into the future with the confidence and knowledge required to create a better, more interesting world. Young people are educated to promote global citizenship, ethical character, and truth. Graduates of Pine Forest School enter high school accountable; prepared to advocate for innovative learning, the community-at-large, and for the value in individual thought. Pine Forest School is educating youth to bend the arch of history toward positive change and global justice.