Discontinuation of On-Site Preschool

It has been recommended by the Pine Forest School administration and faculty to phase out the on-site tuition-based 3-4 year-old preschool program.

The preschool program, which has been hosted by the K-8 charter school for the past five years, has very limited capacity. We honored those families benefiting from this program for these two years at our new school site by admitting early childhood 3-4 year old siblings into one of our three kindergarten classrooms.

As we have transitioned our entire school to Cedar, our kindergarten wait list has grown to over one hundred interested families with children turning five by September 1st.  It is our obligation to the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools and PFS's state governing agency, to fill our K-8 school to capacity with age-eligible children.  It is our intention to fill our three kindergarten classrooms with five year old children, which will in turn ensure our first grade classes receive healthy enrollment numbers.

We have moved all interested wait list forms forward to the appropriate kindergarten list.

Thank you to all for your continued support of your children.