The Pine Forest Foundation works hard to ensure a financially sustainable future for our school.  Below is a list of our recent grant and fundraising activities.  

Recent Fundraisers and Grants
Wine & Well Wishes 2017 — $14,948
Harvest Festival of Gratitude & Tree Planting Ceremony 2017 — $32K
Full Circle Trade & Thrift 2016 — $27K
Arizona Community Grants 2016 — $16K
Fruit Tree Planting Foundation — Fruit Tree Orchard of up to 25 Trees
Winterfaire 2016 — $6K
Materials Fee Drive 2016 — $20K
Tax Credit Drive 2015-2016 — $24K
Geo Family Foundation Grant  2016 — $23K

We have raised $163K from 2016 until present.  We are well on our way, and we need your support to reach our goal of raising $70K annually for the next 5 years.  Please consider making a contribution.  We appreciate your support!