Suzannah Libby
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Suzannah first worked with young children over thirty years ago as a jeune-fille au pair in France. She joined the Early Childhood staff of Pine Forest School in 2007, assisting Kate Mareck and Marcy Polack in the pre-k and kindergarten. In 2011. Suzannah created Gartendale, a Waldorf-inspired program for young children downtown, dubbed “Flagstaff’s Most Delightful Garden for Children” by the Arizona Native Plant Society, Flagstaff Chapter. She is herself native to the desert southwest.


Suzannah Libby.jpg

Suzannah incorporates broad life experiences in Waldorf based education and the fine and healing arts.She studied fine art/painting and illustration at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Parsons School of Design in New York. She is a graduate of the Port Townsend School of Massage and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Prescott College in Integrative Art; specializing in early childhood environments, with minors in Liberal Arts and the Humanities. She has participated in numerous trainings including: Bal-A-Vis-X (a method for integrating the right and left hemispheres in order to increase success in learning); presentations and exchanges with internationally renowned educator Eugene Schwartz; and seminars with the Rudolf Steiner College Community Learning Center.

Her artwork may be seen throughout the Pine Forest campus.

Suzannah loves folktales and peasant lore; creating wildly beautiful hedges; song and dance; napping with her troupe of small dogs; and dabbling with form and color. She harbors a lifelong fascination with the intersection of science and spirit and deeply appreciates living so close to heaven, near a sometimes-secret-river, in a magical village surrounded by forest.