Arizona Tax Credit Program

Public School Activity Tax Credit

Donors like you can direct their donations to benefit a specific extracurricular activity, club or sports team, or donations can go to general educational enrichment or educational field trips..

Arizona taxpayers can claim up to $200 as individuals or $400 as married filing jointly on their taxes for this credit. 

Click on this link for more information about the Arizona Public School Tax Credit


What is it?

Donate your tax credit securely.  Arizona Taxpayers can contribute up to $200.00 per single taxpayer or $400.00 per household filing jointly to the Arizona school or schools of their choice and receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their tax liability on their Arizona state tax return. Pine Forest School can in turn use these contributions to fund critical programs such as Eurythmy, field trips, and other educational programs not considered part of our core curriculum. For details, visit Arizona Department of Revenue

How it Works

How many times can I make a School Tax Credit donation?
Donors can contribute the maximum amount allowed, which is $200.00 per single taxpayer or $400.00 per household in one lump sum or in smaller installments throughout the tax year.

Do I have to have a child in an Arizona school in order to take advantage of the Arizona School Tax Credit?
No. Any Arizona Taxpayer can utilize the school tax credit for the benefit of any Arizona Public School.

How do I claim the School Tax Credit?
You can claim the tax credit when filing your Arizona State Tax Return. Those filing a paper return should use Form 322.

Can I claim the School Tax Credit on my Federal Income Taxes?
In some cases, yes, the school tax credit may count as a charitable contribution. To be sure about your individual situation, consult your tax professional.

For questions regarding school tax credits, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue. For questions regarding your individual tax situation, please consult a tax preparation professional.


Donations can be made in three ways!

1. Click the "DONATE TAX CREDIT" button above and follow the simple prompts. Major credit cards and Apple Pay are accepted. 

2. Come in to our Main Office. We accept cards, cash and checks (payable to Pine Forest School).

3. Mail a check (payable to Pine Forest School) to our Main Office:

Pine Forest School
2257 E Cedar Ave
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004