Curriculum Overview

Holistic education for the Head, Hands, and Heart.

Developmentally appropriate education. According to the Core Principles of Waldorf Education, there is a 'right time' to introduce much of the content of different subject areas. This is usually determined by the child's stage of development, which includes emotional, social, psychological and physical, as well as cognitive growth. As students mature, they engage themselves at new levels of experience with each subject. All students participate in all basic subjects regardless of their special aptitudes. 

We offer the following:

  • Multi-sensory environment
  • Rich humanities curriculum
  • Artistic Expression
  • Celebration of Student Work
  • Character-Building
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Cultivation of Imagination
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Wood work & Hand work
  • Experiential Learning in Math and Science
  • Experiential Learning in the Natural World
  • Nurturing of Growth and Discovery
  • Observation of Human Relationship to Nature
  • Social Development and Student Interactions
  • Respect for Beauty and the Value of Childhood