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The Pine Forest Foundation board is a group of former and current Pine Forest School Parents and other community members who care about the well-being of the Pine Forest School.

“Pine Forest School goes way beyond educating our children; It helps them grow into well-­rounded, intelligent, creative, confident, and social individuals who are ready to problem-solve, lead and create! That is what our children, community and world need and that is why I love this school. I am overjoyed it is a public charter school and therefore, available to so many children and families in the Flagstaff community.“ ­ -Lainie Johnstone Giovale

About the Foundation

The Pine Forest Foundation (PFF) 501(c)3 was created primarily to ensure the financial security of Pine Forest Charter School.  This includes having financial reserves available to bridge the gap between our school’s financial needs and inadequate (and at times uncertain) state and federal funding.  The foundation is also leading the charge on fundraising for the Cedar Campus Capital Campaign. 

PFFoundation Mission Statement

To grow the Pine Forest Waldorf legacy by providing resources to support the long-term sustainability of the school mission, to ensure financial security and to connect to the greater community.

Through the resources and partnerships developed by the Pine Forest Foundation, we are able to create a world where every child is valued for their unique abilities and every child has the self confidence and courage to make the world a better place.

PFFoundation Vision Statement

Our Team


Martine is a parent of two children at Pine Forest School. She is an advocate because she has seen her children thrive at Pine Forest School.  She believes that Pine Forest has a way of instilling a love of learning in children while also teaching them compassion, enjoyment of the arts, and a strong sense of self.  Martine is an early childhood educator and is currently studying to become a speech pathologist.  

Pine Forest Foundation President

Pine Forest Foundation Vice President

Christine Bellmore


Pine Forest Foundation Treasurer


Lainie and her husband Mike have two children at Pine Forest School in Grades 4 and 5.  Lainie has worked as an advisor, board member, and officer for several, local and regional non­-profit organizations including the American Fisheries Society, Desert Fishes Council, GeoFund, GeoFamily Foundation, Flagstaff Community Foundation, Friends of Camp Colton, Pine Forest Charter School and Flagstaff TerraBirds. Lainie has lifelong passions for the environment, education and her community.  She perceives her commitments to Pine Forest School and Pine Forest Foundation as investments in the future of our world.  Lainie is grateful to be able to dedicate time, energy and resources to support Pine Forest School.

Pine Forest Foundation Secretary





Joanie has the great honor of working with the Pine Forest Foundation as its coordinator.  She brings a background in community building and non-profit program management to her work with the Foundation.  She focuses on supporting foundation members, strategic planning and implementation of the the five domains.  She loves Pine Forest School and its community and feels grateful to be a part of it.  

Pine Forest Foundation Coordinator




Ms. Taylor was on the founding board of Pine Forest School. After twenty years of teaching at the school she is now delighted to work as the Vice President on the Foundation Board. She wants to help nurture the school’s next phase of growth by meeting with parents, grandparents and members of the Flagstaff community.  She loves to share this powerful form of education and encourage those who value a holistic, art-filled, joyful education to join her in making the the new Cedar Campus school a vibrant reality.

Pine Forest Foundation Board Member


Pete Giovale

John Conley

Mac England

Teresa Vail

Pine Forest Foundation Members

Aurora Phillips

Pine Forest Foundation Participants

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