2257 E. Cedar Avenue, Flagstaff AZ, 86004


3:30 p.m.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Pursuant to Arizona revised Statutes (A.R.S. 38-431.02), notice is hereby given to the members of the Pine Forest Education Association, Inc., Pine Forest Charter School Governing Board, and to the general public, that the Directors and Governing Board will hold a public meeting, open to the public as specified below in the designated board meeting room at Pine Forest Charter School, Flagstaff, AZ. The Board reserves the right to change the order of items on the agenda, with the exception of public hearings set for a specific time.

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03.A.2, the Board may vote to go into Executive Session, which will not be open to the public, for legal advice concerning any item on the agenda, for protection of confidentiality of parties or to review, discuss and consider records exempt by law from public inspection, including the receipt and discussion of information or testimony that is specifically required to be maintained as confidential by state or federal law.

Persons with disabilities may request a reasonable accomodation, such as a sign language interpreter, by contacting Kelly Smith at 928-779-9880. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange accommodation. 

DATED AND POSTED this _____day of ______________  2018.

By  Kelly Smith, Principal


Governing Board Work Session Agenda

Mission: Pine Forest School provides an education of the whole child and is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full intellectual, emotional, and physical potential in a sustainable and beautiful environment which reinforces integrity, understanding, respect, and trust. Through the Waldorf curriculum, we prepare our children to walk into the future with confidence and the necessary tools to create a better world.

 1. WELCOME – Call to order at __________

A. Roll Call (X-present, A-absent):

Barbara Bates ___ Pete Giovale ___ Ellen Ryan ___ Kelly Smith ___ Dave Eckert ___
Allison Gray ___ Ryan Williams ___ Cindy Roe __

2. PFS History and Culture (10 min)

A. PFS history review of last 3 – 5 years
B. School vision and culture

3. Interactions with PFS Governing Board (BB 10 min)

A. Board contact list
B. Reporting section of board agenda i. Financial report ii. Building/property iii. Staffing
C. Missing reports?

4. Interactions with PF Foundation (MS & LJ 30 min)

A. Foundation contacts
B. Materials fee PFEA, Inc (dba PFS) Governing Board Meeting July 16, 2018 2
C. Grant management
D. PFS and PFF financial relationship - clear expectations, commitments and capabilities
E. Event coordination on school calendar
F. Goal to build community

5. Expectation of Open Communication (ER & PG 15 min)

A. Introduction on webpage and newsletter
B. All school meeting at beginning of academic year
C. Communicate areas of responsibility and administrative distinction from Director of Education D. Listen to Pine Forest community
E. Build trust and confidence among faculty and parents
F. Share extensive experience in Waldorf Education with faculty, board and parents (fundamental distinctions and core of what we do; educating entire community about vision and mission of the school)

6. Cindy’s Time (CR 45 min)

A. Marketing strategy
B. Long-term strategy for expanding and managing enrollment
C. Strategies for new context: Trends in our shifting Flagstaff schools/PFS landscape
D. Awareness of parent/community concerns
E. Communication and outreach strategies
F. View of workload for Execute Director and Director of Education
G. Job needs
H. Questions

7. ADJOURN (Next Regular Board meeting: Monday, August 27, 2018 at 3:30pm): motion to adjourn at

2018/2019 Board Agendas

July 9, 2018

July 16, 2018