Our annual Winterfaire is a magical community event for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy crafts, merchants, good food, musical performances, and much more all in one place on Saturday, December 10th from 10 am to 2 pm! 



Our front office is where you should begin.  Here, you will be able to purchase tickets for all the activities.

Tickets are $1 each OR you can purchase a pass for $20 (value of $22)


Elves Corner- Shop for beautiful Waldorf items and gifts!

Merchants Market- Our local merchants feature everything from unique and holistic children’s items to handmade goods, artisan crafts, books and food. 


Enjoy music and entertainment all day in both the Big Room and the Feasting Hall.

Enjoy performances by: Firre, Capoeira, Ms. Leatherwood & Mr. Borham, Mr. Eckert's Recorder Class, Kate Mareck, and more!

Cake Walk- Join us for a our cake walk at 11am.


Visit our Cafe for hot beverages and food. Or enjoy food from our BBQ grill outside (weather permitting).


There is ample parking in our parking lot with street parking alongside the school on Kaibab Lane and on Pinnacle Street.  Additional parking is located across our school building in Chevrolet's lot.


Enchanted Cookie Forest Children walk through a lovely illuminated maze of fresh pine trees to pick out one delicious cookie (gluten-free and vegan cookies available). This activity has the most repeat visitors!

Pine Tree Auction- While your child goes through the Enchanted Cookie Forest, bid in the silent auction to take home one of the trees!

Pocket Fairies- Create an adorable baby fairy to wear on your neck or tuck into your pocket!

Candle Dipping- Dip, Drip, Dunk and Dry! Children create beeswax candles (with supervision) by dipping wicks into crock pots of melted beeswax and then into cool water to harden. Our younger Fair-goers can create candles out of sheets of rolling wax.

Candle holders- Make a candle holder for the candles you just made! 

Jump ropes and lassos- Create a rope made of yarn to use as a jump rope, lasso, or anything you imagine.

Gnome Gnook-  Our gnomes will help your child select and wrap lovely gifts for all their loved ones. You give your child a few dollars to spend (most gifts range between $1 and $5) and hand them off to one of our gnomes. The children can then embark on their own shopping excursion in this no-parents-allowed activity. Children get to experience the spirit of giving, and they love to surprise you!

Sword making- Children are given a wooden sword and set loose with their imaginations! Parent volunteers will guide students and supervise the use of hot glue – this activity can be enjoyed by little ones with the help of a parent.

Silk tie dying- Create colorful unique patterns on a silk square or silk pillow case.

Narcissus Planting- Plant a bulb that will bloom into beautiful paper whites.

The Salon- You deserve a massage! Adults can enjoy a nice chair massage while their child gets their hair braided or face painted.


Email us at info@pineforestschool.org